Lyrical abuse

“Stop, I’m drunk!” I found myself on my knees. The police stopped chasing after her. She had pulled me out of the trunk to sit me on my knees to sit me up. We were deep in some woods. I didn’t really know which ones. I didn’t get out much. She proceeded to pull me into the woods.

I couldn’t say anything, considering how many pills she had me swallow. I didn’t want to take them. But she got me to. She always knew how to make me open my mouth.

“What do you have me out here for?”

“This is the only way to get you back”

We were approaching a cabin. I have been here before. This must be her parents property they have up in the mountains. Sits in the Uintas. We used to come here on the weekends. Her parents were rich so they were able to spoil her. I used to love it up here. Not for being with her or getting away from the everyday life. I just liked the fact that we were away from everyone. Now I couldn’t be more sick to see this place.

She sat me down in a chair near the fireplace. She got everything up and running. I was tied to the chair so I couldn’t go anywhere. She than finally came up to me. Sat down, looked at me, and said “When are you going to take me back?”

“Well, I don’t think this is the best way to try to get me back.”

She went over to a desk. There, a pair of brass knuckles sat.

“Untie me! Untie me for now!? Please!? You said you would, right!?”

“Soon I will let you go. Just as soon as you take me back.”

“It wont work out”

Long pause. “Well, I guess there is only one way”

Her fist came flying down.


My genius hour (so far)

As I said in my last post, I am working on a project called “Genius Hour”. I decided to make an instrumental song for that project. I have done all the studying for the project. Now I am into recording. I already have a bunch of material that is needed for recording music. I just need to find the right sound for the song. You have to find a sound that matches the mood that you are portraying. So there is a lot of looking around for the right sound. But eventually get something interesting to come out. So that’s where I am at right now in my “Genius Hour” project.

Genius Hour

I am going to be writing an instrumental piece of music that will be solely electronic based. I want to try to paint a picture that is somewhat dark but at the same time having light at the end of the tunnel. I am really excited to work on this. This is very heavily influenced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. I think the reason it matters is it helps you use your imagination to paint pictures with music. I think it will stress me out, but at the same time, help me in the future with music. I am afraid it wont be good, but at the same time I kind of hope it will. Than I can find out what I did wrong and work on that. Hope this turns out well!

New Beginnings

I hate it when people talk about how they want to change there personalities for a new years resolution. Saying “Oh, I will try to stop being paranoid all the time” or “I will stop getting upset over things”, like they aren’t happy about the way they were born. And they usually never end up changing those things. But how do you change something that you were born with? Or why would you want to change that? Can’t everyone be happy with what they have. I mean, there are good new years resolutions out there. Things like cutting back on drinking or paying more attention in school. But those are things that you made for yourself. You had the choice to drink. You had the choice to not pay attention in school. But you never really had the choice for what kind of personality you have. I mean, you can change some things about your personality. But you can’t really change who you are. And it seems when people do try to change things about themselves. They tend to be more stressed about the change. So they go back to being there normal selves. And than there not satisfied with themselves. I think if we all just learn to accept our personalities than we won’t try be so stressed out about trying to change ourselves because we will be happy with ourselves in the first place.

“I am trying my best to be polite, but if you move that knife a cenimeter closer to me I will tear you apart” she said, trying her hardest to keep the blade from piercing her heart. The lady in the black suit was sitting on top of Kathy, putting all her weight on the blade. “If I don’t get this knife to drive through your chest, than your only option is to kill me, so I have to do this”. Kathy looked to the side, she saw the door that sat under the kitchen sink. She thought about what she had under there: Clorox, Spic ‘n Span, ect. The usual cleaning products. Than she thought about the gun that she had kept under there for emergencies. She looked back up at the assassin. All of the sudden, Kathy got a sudden rush of adrenaline, threw the assassin off, and opened the door to the kitchen sink. She reached for the gun, but the assassin grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her back. While she was being pulled back, she was able to pull out a bottle of Windex. She hurried to turn around, shoved the nozle in her mouth and sprayed. Her eyes began to water as she fell back while spitting on the ground, wiping her mouth out. She got up to face me, but Kathy already had the 45. in my hand, pointing it at her head. They sat and stared at each other for a little bit. Kathy didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. But the bullets hesitated to come out. Kathy reached for the clip, but it wasn’t there. She looked at the assassin. She had the clip in her hand. Than she proceeded to throw it out the window. She lunged at Kathy and drove the knife through Kathy’s heart. She took off her mask, but Kathy was dead before she could see who the killer was.

A dream

What considers a dream to be to big or to small. Is it the amount of money you will make? Is it the amount of people’s trust that you will gain in the process? Or is it the amount of time you will spend working on your dream? I don’t think it’s any of these. I think it’s the amount of responsibilities you will have to take on. That if you do not try to reach for your goal, than you will have lost a lot of those responsibilities. But, in retrospect, no dreams are too big. It’s all dependent on if you can fulfill the responsibilities that you will have to take on for the dream. You either have to be ready at the time or work up to where you will be ready. You can’t just take on a dream and not be ready for what is going to be ahead. Than you would have not understood your dream fully enough. You also need to understand your dream and it’s full potential. You can’t go and just expect yourself to be successful at fulfilling your dream if you don’t understand it well enough. Study your dreams, study the amount of passion you have for your dreams. Only then will you be successful in achieving your dreams.

The Dream

The door is made of oak. It stands up a mile high. I sit at the front of the door. It hovers over me with a menacing look. The doorknob, however, is small. Small enough for me to be able to grab and turn. I hover up to the doorknob. I look into the keyhole. But it is blurry on the inside. I can’t make out what is going on on the other side. I try to open the door, but it is locked. I reach into my pockets. Pushing change and pocket lint around. I cannot find the key. I study the keyhole for a second. I get ready to leave. But I turn back. I turn into the key. I push my body through, turn myself, and the door opens. I climb out of the keyhole. On the other side of the door I see a boy. He is sitting in the field that is right next to the elementary school. He is wearing a white shirt with a red cross that is colored with sharpie. There is another boy that is laying beside him. He is pretending to play dead. The boy with the red cross puts one hand over the other and pushes on his chest. No response. He tries again. No response. He gets upset and yells “your supposed to come back to life!”. The boy laying on the ground doesn’t respond. The doctor gets upset. He does it a few more times. This time he is panicking. He yells for help, but the other kids ignore him. He puts his hand on the patients chest. His heart stopped beating. He never wanted to be a doctor again.